Feel the Edo when Sushi was invented and perfected.

Slip back in time as you walk through Noren, the traditional Japanese curtains.
Byobu, Ukiyoe, Nishijin-ori ceiling, and the Japanese lantern...
Enjoy all the classic, photogenic Edo-themed decor.

Order the Edo style.

You can order the way they used to order back in the Edo period.
Just pick an ingredient and choose a cooking
method:sushi, sashimi, grilled, steamed, or stewed.
The stalls and the craftmen resemble the scene from Ukiyo-e.

Be like townspeople in the edo era

We have Happi/Kimono ready for you to wear, no reservations needed.
You can take pictures of yourself in classic gear as a capture of the moment.
We also offer the fastest free wi-fi,
so you can post your awesome pictures
on the facebook, instagram, or any other sites of your choice.