“Edo-zushi,” origination

There are two types of sushi. One is called “Edo-zushi,” which was created in Edo(current Tokyo), and the other is called “Kamikata-zushi,” which was developed in Kansai area(Kamikata) where the Emperor once resided.


In Kamikata, oshi-zushi was the staple of the region. It is made with the rice and the seafood pressed in wooden molds. With the umami of aged fish and rice with savory vinegar flavor, Saba Oshi-zushi (pressed horse mackerel sushi) is still popular to this day.

Edo-zushi is also called “Edomae-zushi,”as it used freshly caught fish from Edomae(Tokyo Bay). Edo boasted high quality fish, they even had a saying, “If you’re from Edo, you only eat fish from Edomae.”

Edomae-zushi’s origin is relatively recent compared to Oshi-zushi, it goes back to around 1800s. It was a man named Yohei Hanaya whose ideas to bring out the best of the fresh fish turned oshi-zushi into the contemporary-style sushi, and he gets credit as the inventor of nigiri-zushi.


Sushi is an invention of the “Omotenashi” spirit from the Edo period. Here at Itamae Sushi Edo, you can also enjoy other fine arts of Edo such as Kabuki and Ukiyo-e.