On October 27, 2016 (Thursday), Itamae Sushi Japan Co., Ltd. will open an Itamae Sushi restaurant, “Itamae Sushi Edo,” in Akasaka-mitsuke (Minato-ku, Tokyo).

Known for having won the opening auction for bluefin tuna at Tsukiji’s first fish market of the year for four years in a row, Itamae Sushi has now opened around 60 restaurants in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Indonesia. Through its international network of restaurants around Asia, Itamae Sushi hopes to spread a message to the world – about world-standard sushi and the fusion of sushi cultures. Its newest business, Itamae Sushi Edo, is a restaurant established in Akasaka-mitsuke. It’s an area that provides access to the main sections of Tokyo, a bustling neighborhood where government residences, embassies, hotels, and foreign company offices are all grouped together, but it also has a quiet side that can be glimpsed in the evening. We invite our guests to a sushi restaurant where they can experience the culture and art of the Edo period, which are what brought sushi to life.