Which one is your favorite? We have 4 branches in Akasaka area!

We have numbers of branches in Tokyo, but Akasaka is where we started. Therefore we have 4 places in Akasaka area and they have all unique characteristics.

Today we are introducing our all 4 branches in Akasaka.

Akasaka main store


This is the first store we opened in Tokyo. This store has great access to the Akasaka-Mitsuke station. Inside the shop is woody and elegant. Also you can see our chef making sushi from the tables upstairs. If you are looking for quality time with authentic sushi, this is the best place to go.

Akasaka Hanare


Hanare originally means a detached small cottage which is used to enjoy more calm and private time. This store is a hanare of the main store, so there are more private rooms and have more calm atmosphere. Also they have a great selection of Sake, so this store is a good place to enjoy more private time with Sake and sushi.

Akasaka-Misuji branch


This store has group tables. The largest room is for 16 people. If you are looking for a sushi place for your tour. This store is a suitable place.

Itamae-sushi EDO


Itamae-sushi EDO is also in Akasaka area, but this store is different from others; Edo is not only a restaurant, but also you can enjoy Japanese culture. You can enjoy Edo era style interior and Kimono  we are offering here. This is the best place for tourists who are looking for fun experience and also authentic Japanese cuisine.

We have 4 unique branches in Akasaka and other branches in central Tokyo. We look forward to see you in the restaurant.